1. To be humble…Thank you for sharing your insights into how to be humble as God defines humble. Jeremiah's words in Lamentations 3 sounds very similar to Job's words in Job 6. When we feel that God's arrows are flying our way, may we find hope in His humility, that is, His forgiveness brings Salvation.

  2. re False humility: Zecharya ben Avkulis suffered from the Grasshopper mentality of the meraglim, which was contagious, and was passed down from generation to generation, to this very day.That is why we don't have the Beis HaMikdash today.

  3. You are the THIRD temple, you are the STONES (sons) God is using to build it: Your heart is the INNER COURT, the HOLY PLACE but as with Abraham in Gen 15, once the LIGHT went through his animate desires (his heart) he saw a GREAT BIG DARKNESS there, (da'at) but it is RULED by the EGO instead of HaShem/God: He asks in Malachai, you build your houses (your small temples that you worship in) but where is MY HOUSE? Where is YOUR HEART O' ISRAEL? The abomination of desolation in the holy place (heart) is the EGO that rules within the heart; Israel is CHOSEN for one thing only and that is to Face this abomination that causes DESOLATION and rid the world of it: Hence JUDAH keep your solemn vow (Israel made a vow to do this, to rid the world of its darkness) and the wicked shall no more pass through you: Israel are the CHOSEN FOR THIS and when the chosen don't do what they are chosen for, the world gets more and more wicked;

  4. It seems as though people going out into public and in closed or crowded areas not wearing masks , are not balanced !
    We need to tip the scale by wearing masks , socially distancing , rules of hygiene, we WILL be a light unto the Nations

  5. Interesting
    I remember a lot of people named their children after Alexander the great , naming them Alexander or Alexandra.
    Why didn't Jews their children Winston after Winston Churchill?

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