1. Lost Books = Lost Lives! Lack of ability to focus goes hand in hand with lack of ability to study. ALL the reasons you have given to prove your assessment are truthful and 100% valid. That's why something new and radical must be done. Either the local Governments that are in direct charge of the schools have to go back to the successful pre-'70's corporal punishment (paddling) structure. Or, start-up schools for black inner city kids only such as Umar Johnson is currently seeking to do. Personally I'd like to throw politically correct nonsense out the window and bring back the 'dunce cap' and corporal punishment, a proven form of forceful learning which had done it's job for a century before the liberals in washington DC said it wasn't allowed any longer and court cases gave millions to the family of paddled kids.

  2. Many black parents today are absentee parents. if you put the fear of God into your child they won't be calling anybody. it starts with the parent. if you are disciplining your child from a young age and teaching them respect. sure kids learn things from their peers but the parents should be the ultimate influence in their lives to correct them. everything you are saying is right on. as a teacher I can't tell you how many times i was cursed out and lied on by students who werent credible

  3. I dont know about NY but in MD many of the students who are not honors don't take their books home. They sit in their lockers all year. Some of the non honors students may use your books but that is like 15%-20%. I agree that a lot of high school students can't write but children learn to write in elementary and middle school. In high school the children should come with a certain level of knowledge because if not the teacher can't teach them.

  4. mzsuzuki…I first want to thank you for wathcing the UWSP. I do realize that not allurban schools have the same issues, and I'm happy to hear that you are much more proactive with your students, than many teachers in urban schools. I too agree that our students need to begin implementing technology into thier daily curriculums for learning purposes. I've learned that many students are bored with the current curriculums. Parents also have to def step up thier game!

  5. Teachers will not lose their jobs that easily for speaking out of turn because of the unions.
    What you do in regards to keeping an open dialogue with the teachers of your child is very important in preparing your child for the future.
    The culture of the school determines if a child is taking their books home from school. A child's peers is a huge factor in their decisions in regards to studying. A lot of the classroom problems can be solved if teachers really get to know their students.

  6. 4th Comment.
    I want my students to use some of the methods of learning that is used in Bill Gates school of learning. Our society is moving towards a more technological society. Encyclopedias are even online as opposed to book form.
    The parents are the first teachers. In most cases the conversation between the child and the parent at home about what goes on at school is nonexistent. Therefore my students write a note to the parents in the classroom when they do not bring back their homework.

  7. 3rd Comment.
    I touched on the books issue in my first comment. Hopefully the comment will show up. However sometimes my class is in the technology lab in order to learn about the most RECENT information on a topic. When the governor of my state talks about biodiesel, my students know what that is. Unfortunately there isn't any information about that subject in our books. I agree with you in regards textbooks but the school started by Bill Gates does not have textbooks, they use technology.

  8. 2nd Comment..
    Urban School Systems have a writing program. I work for an urban district and we have a wonderful writing program but when I do teacher observations, I find that teachers are not teaching writing on a daily basis even though it is in the lesson plans because they run out of time because of a previous lesson or maybe they don't like writing. The excuses are endless.

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