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Dr. Melissa Crum is an artist, education consultant and diversity practitioner who works with many educators in urban schools. She noticed that many teachers had challenges teaching and relating to students who did not share their same cultural background. So, she worked with a museum educator to create an arts-based professional development series that helps educators think about how they are thinking about their diverse students. Her personal story and professional practice work together to tell a creative, inspiring, and eye-opening message that everyone must hear.

This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at http://ted.com/tedx



  1. it’s all current till this day. i graduated 2003 and i got some rules in my school changed because they only made ppl of color in trouble vs white kids. also a lot teachers in the classroom are super old that was raised from a home that stand behind a lot of racial issues. i just hope all of this one day change because students are students no matter the race or background

  2. Very appropriate subject matter. Very well presented TED talk. Our words have power: power to build up, encourage and also can destroy someone's self confidence. Our education system is amazing. Our kids need not only highly qualified teachers, but also mindful and kind teachers. 5/1/20 MDCPS – online training for support personnel during school closures due to covid19.

  3. Thought she was wonderful. You can see she put alot of thought into her comments. I know my attitudes have changed in a more positive way over 17 years, and I am thankful for that

  4. It's important blacks teach their own. Races don't understand each other. This is why the world tends to naturally segregate. Diversity is difficult and should not be forced or legislated. People work best with like people.

  5. engl 4338: Understanding that's what I get from this video, not just from her message but the understanding that to be good teacher you need to really to understand your students.

  6. ENGL 4338: The sad truth is that this still goes on in our school even to this day. I really like what she said about teachers life histories and how important it is that teachers be made aware of this while they are teaching in their classrooms.

  7. Some of the interactions i've had with my teachers fueled my motivation to become that type of person for someone else. Teachers can be very inspiring, helpful, motivating and can become a person that we can rely on and i want to also be that type of teacher to another child.

  8. ENGL 4338: Even if we have not been exposed to it personally, or seen it first hand, favoritism/unequality due to whatever reason happens in classrooms all the time. It is important as teachers, to be considerate and mindful of our comments towards our future students.

  9. 4338 It seems the historical trend of assimilation and tolerance is still exercised within the classroom. Teachers must challenge their own biases in order to accept students' diverse backgrounds as well as raise their potential.

  10. ENGL 4338-02R
    I absolutely loved this video, it is a shame that race or cultural background can affect a student's academics and maybe also life nowadays; it is a good thing that more people are being cautious about these type of issues.

  11. ENGL 4338. It is essential that teachers have to be aware of how they talk/interact with students. Negative comments as expressed by her former teacher can damage a student emotionally/mentally, and they can potentially grow up with a reproach against teachers.

  12. ENGL 4338: I loved that Dr. Crum mentioned how the microscopic interactions with teachers can affect students. I'm sure most of us remember a negative interaction with a teacher, and no matter how hard we try to forget and let go, that memory creeps up on us.

  13. The moment Dr. Crum thanked her 2nd-grade teacher just made me realize how important a teacher is in a child's life. Education should not be based on race and as a future teacher, I will try my best to reach the level of Miss Whitehurst! ENGL 4338

  14. Teachers history is impacting students, how we interact with our students can affect them. Watch what you say and understand how much of a influence you are towards your classroom!

  15. 4338-01: This video once again reminds us that the stereotypical bias that we’ve been taught since we were little needs to change and it starts with us as teachers.

  16. My professor from my Teaching Secondary School Literature class asked us to watch this and I am so thankful he did; this is so crucial and important because many students who are treated prejudicially by the teachers will begin to believe those lies and can lower their self esteem as students and as human beings.

  17. It's disappointing how some educational systems and teachers base a students worth and educational limits solely on thier race or culture. Hopefully more teachers will begin to change this mindset in the future.

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