Joe Biden: Poor kids are just as bright as white kids

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden said that poor kids are “just as bright” and talented as white kids during a campaign speech to Hispanic and Asian voters in Iowa. #CNN #News



  1. WHO has this notion? Just Biden. Rags to riches through hard work stories are the fundamental ethos of Americans. The hope of class mobility creates the hegemony that keeps America going. From Horatio Alger to Rocky, Americans LOVE to think anyone can do it. VERY old style political pandering.

  2. The socialist left fake news would be CRUCIFYING Trump (or any conservative) if they had made this racist, Freudian slip. Fuck you CNN socialist propaganda machine!

  3. As hilarious as this is, it is obvious he intended to say wealthy. You can tell by the immediate panicked expression on his face that he realized his error immediately and filled it with any other type of kid.

  4. A campaign ad against Biden could just run this gaf "poor kids are just as bight as white kids" along with him talking about black kids playing with his leg hair and it will be over for him.

  5. Biden is a retarded motherfuker . I guess he was trying to say black kids are as smart as white kids but in his mind all black kids are poor .

  6. If the criminal Biden thinks whites are the minority when there is 49% whites, does he think ALL other groups are a one group?
    How white supremacist can you be, whites vs the rest 😂
    Do they know that that's the most white supremacist point ever?

  7. CNN Hosts and Guests are full of Garbage!!!!!!! Bet you if Bernie said that they would be all over him "Ohhh!! He should drop out now, that was a disgrace!!", "Ohhh!! Look at Bernie the angry old man, who would elected that!!!". CNN Losers!!!!

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