Change your mindset, change the game | Dr. Alia Crum | TEDxTraverseCity

This talk was given at a local TEDx event, produced independently of the TED Conferences. Dr. Crum says the biggest game changer is “YOU, by harnessing the power of your mind.” She explores scientific results that show the influence of the mindset on the body, and how changing the subjective mindset produced different outcomes. Dr. Crum’s work is inspired in part by the placebo effect, and has implications that stretch far beyond the realm of medicine.

Dr. Crum is a professor, psychologist, and researcher investigating how mindsets affect health and behavior.

Dr. Crum’s research focuses on how changes in subjective mindsets—the lenses through which information is perceived, organized, and interpreted—can alter objective reality through behavioral, psychological, and physiological mechanisms. Her work is, in part, inspired by research on the placebo effect, a notable and consistent demonstration of the ability of the mindset to elicit healing properties in the body. She is interested in understanding how mindsets affect important outcomes outside the realm of medicine, in the domains of behavioral health and organizational behavior.

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  2. Those criticizing her for being nervous have little minds. Listen to the wisdom in this. I bet you very frustrated people will pick on that. Negative people project negativity

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  4. I am not bothered by the fact that she is nervous I am bothered that the content is promoting disordered eating habits: promoting weight loss even if it’s not healthy for one and the fear of eating/calories…

  5. This is really interesting. I appreciate the message here. I found it easier to quit drinking soda knowing more about the contents of dark soda, where before I felt challenged to quit drinking it. I still occasionally feel tempted when seeing Coke bottles because it’s ingrained/ advertised in activities that bring pleasure like movies, eating out but I
    know how it effects me and I like knowing I’m in charge.

  6. Great talk. Her description of what a mindset is wasn't very clear though, so I looked it up. A mindset is our personal set of beliefs about a certain subject in life, like our health, education, or relationships. Our personal beliefs about these subjects determine the way we percieve our experiences within these areas of life. Which then begin to influence habits of behavior. I'm assuming that her talk is implying; that in some cases, based on our personal set of beliefs about a subject, our body will respond according to what we believe and thus percieve as true even when scientific studies have concluded a different effect.

  7. It's funny how science is catching up with a religion that got it right more than 2000 years ago. Talking about Buddhism btw just so that's clear.
    But nonetheless, amazing subject, amazing presentation and loved her passion in her research.

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