School Principal wants to bring Jiu Jitsu to the Inner City | Columbia & Baltimore MD

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0:09 – So who I am. My name is Ivor Mitchell. I’m 35 years old. I’m a high school principal in Washington, D.C. and I practice Jiu Jitsu at Crazy 88.

A little bit about what got me involved with martial arts is I need something more. I had done the whole school thing, I was a professional worker, and all those things. I have a wife, I have two kids, but I wanted something else for me. I wanted to get involved, I wanted to feel like I was active again, and I felt that Jiu Jitsu was the perfect sport. I felt that it would get me active, it would help me learn martial arts, self-defense, but I definitely learned a lot more than I was even expecting.

0:49 – What I learned and why it was more than what I expected is that it, like most people I watch the UFC, you know being 35 years old, watched Royce Gracie, and I thought that just learn to guard and you know, learn a couple of moves. And coming to Crazy 88, I learned that it’s infinitely beyond that point now. Just excellent instructors, excellent students. The importance of being in shape, being consistent and committed are the things that I’ve learned. And I’m just having a blast, it’s like being back in college all over again.

1:16 – The biggest accomplishment qualitatively has been being able to be a good student, I sincerely mean that. I have incredible instructors, I have great classmates that I learn in the class with, and you know, sometimes in the work field, you don’t get a chance to learn, you don’t get a chance to be a student. You have the responsibility of being a high school principal all the time, and being able to learn and then apply, or learn, study, and then apply, has been a huge accomplishment.

1:46 – And then to be honest with you, earning my blue belt, was a huge accomplishment for me. You know, I was always that athlete that would get into something, but never stick around. You know, that was always me. So to finally accomplish something like earning a blue belt at Crazy 88 was a big deal, and I just plan to keep getting better and growing to the next level.

2:06 – So I would definitely recommend all people, but my focus has been high school youth, and quite honestly, people my age, in their 30s, 40s, 50s, and up. Those are the two demographics that I’ve really concentrated on.

High school age because you know, a lot of the conflicts that take place among youths often times could be, I don’t want to say settled, but avoided, if they had a real outlet to master themselves. A lot of times they’re taking their frustrations out on others because they don’t have anything to master…you know, to mastering themselves.

2:41 – The other demographic that I’m thinking about is people my age, 30 and up. You know, you look at professional sports, and it’s like, you’re the age that’s supposed to be retiring, but in professional sports. The awesome thing with Jiu Jitsu is that you can get involved. You literally can get involved in your 30s and 40s and begin to realize that your body is a vessel. You can get better, you can become a really good athlete even at that age, and get healthier, have a better outlook on life, just so many benefits. And so I’ve been spreading the word on that to all of my friends and family as well.

3:12 – In basketball or in other team sports, you could say hey that was that other guy’s fault, and still have the inflated artificial ego. In Jiu Jitsu, you know, if you get pinned or you get submitted, you have to learn how to own that and that’s developing your humility, and that’s something I’ve benefited from. So I think all of those factors have an effect on the exposure to more inner city youth, but I think that’s the thing that I want help out with. I want to bring it more to the inner city, with my youth that I work with particularly.

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  1. all activitys are great but i really believe jiu jitsu makes you a better person i wish their were more programs for inner city kids i think it would make a huge difference

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