1. This is witchcraft imposed upon black children. Demons are gaining access to the minds of these children through this demonic practice. These children can become controlled dummies if they continue to be exposed to this ungodly mess. Rise up Christians in this school district and confront this demonic onslaught of these children. We need prayer back in the schools.

  2. YES! Im so glad for this! Let it be in ALL schools. Change the thought pattern to quiet, u have less violence if at all. This is and old practice, going back thousands of years but our K-12 system forces us to learn trash we never use.

  3. Baltimore has one of the highest crime rates of any U.S. city, and your response is to get rid of detention? Schools have really gotten soft.

    If you want to stop kids from misbehaving, here's an idea: discipline them! Don't use any of that meditation bullshit. It sends a message to the juvenile delinquents that there are no consequences to misbehaving, which will encourage them to misbehave even more.

  4. Namaste From India. If school administration ask minority kids to do this in Indian school then Indian Muslims and Indian Christians will protest. They did in past by lodging case in Supreme Court that Central Government can not have compulsory Yoga and Meditation classes in School and they are also actively planning to avoid in future

  5. I'm tired of these news clips that I have to read.  If I wanted to read my news I'd buy a newspaper.   I watch videos because I want to see the pictures.  I don't want to read because then I can't watch the pictures.  I don't want to read because I'm eating my breakfast and it's too hard too keep up.  HIRE A NARRATOR!!!

  6. There is a story about this school which I read previous to seeing this video. It is very uplifting and makes me appreciate a new wave of understanding. The kids love it. They are learning new tools to allow them to be happier and more at peace, along with do better in school. All the results are positive.


    On the other hand, some of the comments in this thread are sad, very sad – prejudices and hatred from people of all colors. No child should have those thoughts imprinted in their minds.

    This is what is being taught: not religion, not anything else, — simply how to breathe, be aware, be able to know their emotions and handle them better. Let the kids have a tool to help their inner dialogue.

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