BVLGARI and Save the Children – Youth Empowerment Program Bolivia

Established in 2016 by Save the Children in partnership with Bvlgari, the Youth Empowerment Program – implemented in 4 countries, including Bolivia – aims to provide adolescents and youth in vulnerable situations, ages 14 to 20, with personal and professional skills, so that they may fulfill their potential and become agents of their own change.

Three young people from Youth Empowerment Program Bolivia travel to Italy to continue their training with Chef Niko Romito.

This is the story of Claudia, Oscar and Juan Luis, three young people from Bolivia who have been given the opportunity to travel to Italy and pursue their dream. It’s also the story of Bvlgari and Save the Children’s Youth Empowerment Program, who made this journey possible with only one goal in mind: giving hope and rattling the lock of those doors dividing young people in dire straits from facing their future with new perspectives.

It all started back in October 2018, in La Paz, where twenty-two students of the Youth Empowerment Program in Bolivia took part in a special training. This enthusiastic classroom learnt the Art of Baking straight from the teachings of Niko Romito, the world-famous Three Michelin-starred Chef, responsible for many Bvlgari hotels restaurants in the world, who travelled to Bolivia aiming to share his masterful knowledge and incredible passion for the signature element of his renowned menu: bread.

From 7th to 14th of July 2019, three very determined youngsters selected from the group, siblings Claudia and Oscar and their friend Juan Luis, have been offered a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. They travelled for the very first time, flying to Italy to continue their training with Niko Romito and his staff, directly in Castel di Sangro, city of the proud and gentle region of Abruzzo, where Chef Niko was born and where his prestigious Reale restaurant, Bread Laboratory and Academy are based.

With inner strength and indisputable talent, Claudia and Oscar baked fragrant bread, also taking part in the delicate preparation of traditional desserts as the famous bombe at the Bread Laboratory. While Juan Luis had experienced, with newfound pride and responsibility, the meticulous work that lies behind a sophisticated dish and an impeccable service at the Reale starred restaurant.
One intense week when they were able to immerse themselves in a new reality, learn new skills, but, above all, when they realized to have found an increased confidence and a greater awareness of their potential.

After training week was successfully completed, the three returned home, with a renewed, inexhaustible energy that began fueling several projects: Claudia and Oscar started to create their own bakery plant and Juan Luis gave new ideas and a personal imprint to the restaurant he had been working for. From their desk in Bolivia, they wrote some messages to Niko and his crew, expressing their gratitude and emotion. Claudia’s letter, in particular, ended with a statement that represents Bvlgari and Save the Children’s Youth Empowerment Program biggest aim:
«Your support has given me the strength to believe that, no matter what, I will succeed in fulfilling my dreams».

The partnership between Bvlgari and Save the Children was launched in 2009, as part of the celebrations of the 125th anniversary of the company. Funds are raised through the sales of a custom made jewellery collection, which now counts 3 silver and black ceramic creations inspired by B.zero1’s iconic design (a ring, a bracelet and a pendant) and one silver pendent inspired by the BB line, respectively retailed at $560 (€530), $580 (€560), $620 (€600) and $770 (€ 750) of which €75 go to the Charity.
To date, celebrating 10 years of partnership, the successful sales of Bvlgari’s Save the Children jewellery collection have helped to raise $90M (€80M) globally, primarily invested to guarantee quality education as an indispensable premise for development.

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